Buying or selling a residential property can be the most important transaction in a lifetime and so should be given the best possible chances for a successful outcome.  Brock Hopkins will analyze your situation and give you solid representation to successfully purchase or sell a residence.

Sellers must be carefully shown current market conditions by reviewing competing inventory and recent sales information so the most effective marketing strategy can be implemented.  Determining the asking sales price then becomes a function of market demand and consideration of the property condition.  Buyers look carefully at inspections, repairs or renovations needed, deferred maintenance and added expenses such as solar leases or HOA dues.  We must all agree on a price that will consider property conditions and still motivate an offer.

Several years ago, one of our largest commercial clients asked us to help sell their home.  We referred them to a top performer at the leading residential firm in the area but the house sat on the market because it was over priced.  Our client lost out on an opportunity to buy another property because the agent did not do a good enough job of educating the sellers to the then current market conditions.

As we moved into residential brokerage, it became obvious that every sale is different so “cookie cutter” marketing programs are not always effective or preferred by sellers.  Some sellers do not want to update the home and yet still want to sell the property.   Others want to live in their homes comfortably during the sales process and may be adverse to staging or excessive Open Houses.  Some sellers prefer to vacate the home so it shows empty in it’s best light so potential buyers picture their own contents in place.  We have helped to sell properties under all conditions and can design a marketing program to suit your desires yet still be effective in closing the sale on time.


Buyers face markets where the demand for homes far exceeds the supply so this market imbalance can lead to multiple offers where Sellers look not only at price but certainty of closing on time or early.

Some Buyers faced tough economic challenges in the last recession dealing with loan modifications, short sales, foreclosures or bankruptcies.  Loan approvals are taking longer with stricter qualifying guidelines so it is imperative that your real estate broker works closely with the Lender.

Many Buyers have remained on the sidelines and need extra attention to help them get back into a property.  They have worked hard to rebuild credit ratings and job stability and are now looking to purchase a home.  Some people are ready to purchase a home but are frustrated by the lack of inventory and bidding wars that often result now when there are multiple offers from cash Buyers.

Buying in a New Home Development is a great way to circumvent these challenges facing home buyers.  While most new home projects have their own real estate brokers on staff to help you with this process, they will work with outside brokers representing buyers.  Brock has experience working with the process, lenders and contracts a buyer must go through to close on a new home.  We maintain a watchful eye on new home inventories and concessions being given to buyers so as to help our clients.