Our Approach

Selecting the proper location for your business move is a process that involves multiple factors including accommodating the current and future growth in the number of employees and demographics of your customer base.   We work to understand and determine the right amount of space so as to have the correct amount of offices, open office area, manufacturing and/or warehouse square footage.

Brock Hopkins works to establish a relationship with clients so as to better understand all of your requirements and timing.  This understanding helps us to find the best alternatives and match your needs with Landlords or Sellers motivated to meet those needs and come to an agreement.

Timing is a critical element to a successful transaction, we recommend starting the process six months to a year in advance of the target occupancy date.  Brock will show you all available properties that suit your requirements, narrow down to a short list of alternatives and negotiate competitive terms that work for your budget.

Client Endorsement

Long term clients are our best reference as we help them grow successfully in locations that make employees happy and help the business prosper.  We have helped Cosco Fire Protection (CFP) with several expansions and lease extensions.

“Brock Hopkins has helped Cosco Fire Protection with several facility expansions and lease extensions over the last 15 years including our most recent move into our 25,000 square foot Livermore Headquarters at 7455 Longard Road in the Pacific Corporate Center.  Brock provided professional detailed assistance in all aspects of the new facility selection.  He did an excellent job of educating us to current market conditions, analyzing available properties and negotiating a very attractive long term lease for the preferred property.”

— Phil Raya, Livermore Regional Manager, Cosco Fire Protection