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Three Reasons to Buy a Home Now

Everybody knows, especially after the Great Recession impacts felt from 2008 into 2012, that investing in the real estate market isn’t always a complete, 100% lock. But what in life is? Purchasing a home for your primary residence is still likely the best investment you could possibly make, right now or ever. Here are three good reasons why. Investment Potential Money that you spend on an apartment is money literally thrown away. The choice is simple: Hand those dollars to [...]

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Commercial Real Estate Terms & Definitions

Acre-land measurement consisting of 43,560 square feet Assignment of lease-separate agreement allows transfer of interest in leased space along with adherence to all terms and conditions of an existing lease to another entity. Attornment-provision in a lease where the Tenant agrees to pay lease obligations or any other required payments to a new owner, purchaser or landlord of a property or building. Base Rent-This term refers to a base amount of rent that is paid to a landlord only for use of [...]

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Move Preparation Guide & Checklist

Prior to setting a lease start date and before signing your lease agreement, you should: Consider the best time to move when negotiating lease commencement and terms. Free rent can be used if you want the certainty of having your expansion space lease reserved but need an extra month or two to move at the best time. Keep in mind that you may need to give your current landlord at least 30 days’ notice, if you will move after your [...]

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Should you buy or lease commercial property for your business?

As lease rates increase in response to better economic conditions and more demand, Tenants become incentivized more to consider buying their business property versus leasing.  Rents our being increased at lease renewal time and fewer concessions are given as we move more toward a Landlord favored market.  At this point in the cycle, businesses get much more motivated to own rather than lease; however it is imperative that the decision be well judged with the following criteria. Buying is a [...]

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