Brock Hopkins is a Bay Area Realtor & Broker with over 25 years of experience in representing buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords in real estate transactions. Brock provides experienced representation acquired through closing hundreds of real estate transactions across the entire Bay Area successfully representing clients to acquire or dispose of land, residential, retail, office and industrial properties.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate
Need to lease, purchase or sell a commercial office, warehouse or retail space?
Commercial Brokerage services include:

  • Representing your interests in all aspects of Commercial Property Leases, Purchases or Sales
  • Writing and interpreting contracts and disclosures; negotiating to achieve goals
  • Existing lease review, renewal negotiation utilizing market leverage
  • Interfacing with title, attorneys, CPAs, contractors, environmental and regulatory agencies
  • Land/Bldg Development & zoning assistance to obtain City or County approvals
Commercial Real Estate Services

Residential Real Estate

Residential Real Estate
Buying or Selling a home? Residential Brokerage services provide:

  • Full Service Buyer or Seller Representation and Marketing Programs
  • Strategic value analysis based on review of comparable properties and recent sales
  • Online Property Promotion and access to MLS and Real Estate Web Sites
  • Coordination of Property inspections, repairs or updates to match Seller budget, reduce liability, adhere to timelines, achieve goals and maximize value
  • Contracts/Disclosures Review and Agreement, Negotiation and Closing
Residential Real Estate Services

No fee or obligation for Initial consultation to review your needs, timing and the transaction process.

Brock Hopkins, Professional Real Estate Services

Brock Hopkins Real Estate BrokerReal Estate Brokerage is a profession much like the legal, accounting or medical fields where its practitioners are bound to perform in a competent manner with duties and priorities set in the best interest of the client. California Real Estate Agency Law mandates that Brokers owe their clients a duty to evaluate the financial impact, legal consequences, tax aspects and risk exposure of each real estate transaction. Successful Real Estate Brokerage results when these duties are combined with proper doses of market know-how, sharp analytic skills and excellent negotiation abilities to deliver a superior level of professional competency.

Brock Hopkins operates under these principles and levels of professional competency. Brock has a powerful set of real estate brokerage skills, experience and contacts developed through representing clients and properties in the Bay Area. Brock has closed hundreds of real estate deals helping individuals and business managers to successfully achieve their real estate goals.